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ThermaCote Insulating Coating

Therma Cote ®

ThermaCote® is a superior spray-applied reflective thermal barrier which in its simplest definition can be described as an "energy saving paint". When dry, ThermaCote looks just like any flat latex paint, yet it helps to significantly conserve energy.Technically, ThermaCote is a high performance thermal barrier, which incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat (or cold). It also has corrosion protection and control properties in addition to condensation control.

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Renovation and decoration with spray cork

Renovation and decoration with spray cork

Spray cork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. This is due to its wide variety of possible applications, it's also useable as a decorative material. The difference can also be seen in price. In addition, the appearance is spectacular. Cork and water-based resins decorative coating, with high thermal insulating properties, breathable and water repellent. Eco-friendly product studied to create decorative effects on walls, ceiling and floors.

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ThermoRubber Waterproof

Thermo Rubber®

Waterproofing membranes are characterized by their flexibility, high adaptive capacity, their high resistance to UV rays, their ease of installation and their great durability. In recent decades, roof waterproofing technology has evolved all over the world towards more lightweight and reliable systems which are easy to install. Currently, it would not be possible to imagine this technology without the existence of synthetic waterproofing membranes which have increasingly gained in market share to become the most suitable option for a large number of projects.

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Thermal insulating coating

ThermaCote ® -Thermal insulating coating

ThermaCote® is a high-performance ceramic insulating and weather barrier coating that offers superior protection for residential, exterior, and interior applications. The advanced ceramic technology conserves energy, looks just like matt paint when dry, and has ultra-low U Values 0.53 W/m2K.

ThermaCote® spray-applied weather barrier coating is Certified Green to California’s standard (DHS 01350) for indoor air quality in classrooms and offices, an ENERGY STAR qualified product, and is also a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) “Rated” product. With built-in corrosion protection, ThermaCote® is the perfect primer or topcoat on new or existing sheetrock, wood, glass, plastic, concrete or steel projects, and helps seal the envelope of any structure. A UL® Classified product with a 0-Flame spread, ThermaCote® is the professional’s choice.

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Natural Cork wallisolation

Natural cork in spray form

One of the biggest advantages that cork spray holds over the majority of other renders is the fact that it is made using ethically sourced material. It is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market, especially when compared to traditional monocouche renders. This is good news for architects working on projects that demand environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials and maintenance. Not only that, specifying cork spray render means that architects can also provide more tailored design services to property developers or business owners looking to invest in green property with low environmental impact.

When it comes to designing buildings and property developments projects, one of the most important aspects that project managers and developers consider is cost. Specifying cork spray render allows architects to save their clients more money in the long run.

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What do we do?

De Mutsaert BV distributes exclusively in Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg, the quality cork spray paints, the original products and the future global market leaders.
We are also exclusive distributors for ThermaCote and Thermorubber in Europe
The various potential applications of spray cork will surely continue to expand all over Europe.

Spraycork approved applicator

Become an Approved-Applicator

Become a Corksol approved applicator and maximize your profits. Thermocork is exclusively distributed in the Benelux by us. Corksol cork is distributed worldwide. So the ONLY way to get hold of this innovative, environmentally friendly and profitable product is by working with us. Thermocork/Corksol cork is a very high quality product and delivers superior results for your customers. It gives you affordable (and less retroactive) spray applications, lower labour costs and HUGE profit potential for your company. It is really a game changer.

There is a skill in applying Thermocork/Corksol. It has a well-deserved reputation and needs to be in the hands of the best of the best, a certified applicator, that is why we have set up the Approved Applicator Scheme. It is open to progressive rendering companies and plasterers who want to be part of an elite group, fully certified to purchase and apply Thermocork/Corksol. You come to us for a 1/2-day training including your own test spray in a small group in our training centre in Oudsbergen.

You will receive basic training and sufficient technical information to get started on your own.


You will:

Learn more about the natural wonders of cork and its environmentally-friendly references.

Discover ALL applications for Thermocork/Corksol, for home, residential, agricultural and commercial projects PLUS how it can save you time, money and your health.



Become an Approved Applicator; how to prepare, mix and apply the coating - then it is your turn to visit a completed Thermocork/Corksol project and discover the quality of the finished yourself.

View demos of spraying techniques on different materials.

Get expert advice on sales, marketing and how you can maximize the Thermocork/Corksol capabilities for your business. PLUS share your expertise, ideas and questions.

Take the practical test of the Approved Applicator - a sufficient means that you join an elite group.

Secure your own page on our website to promote your company.

Extend your Approved Applicator status and support every year (via subscription)

Training cost

The Spray-Cork-Render-Training course costs from 01 March 2020 your only Euro 450 plus Btw. Additional joining team members from the same company can book for only Euro 200 plus Btw. Last but not least; We show you how you can get your FULL investment back in just a few days. Do you want to be part of this elite group? For more information and bookings, contact us or call us on 089/461156 or 0468.018.115

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Cork heat storage

Spray Cork heat storage and moisture problems

Durable colored Stone Coating Durable colored coating (covering) with quartz particles. Can be used as an aesthetic coating for the protection of spray cork. (eg. edge of your property).

Stone Coating:

A final product containing colored quartz particles with a high strength and hardness.

Contents include different types of quartz particles and selected additives, which results in a suitable quality for the application outside or inside.

Used as an aesthetic coating for protecting spray cork, for example by applying as an edge to your property. Available in 20 kg containers.

Stone Primer:

This is an anchor product, based on an acrylic emulsion and used for the application of Stone Coating.

It comes in a 5 or 25 gallon containers.

100% waterproof guaranteed with the Spray Cork Waterproof. Cork is a material that has the property to be waterproof. Corkcells contains a lot of air and remains floating in the water, therefore this material is a good insulator and also has a high elasticity. The material is airtight and waterproof. Spray cork, however, is vapor and water repellent. This means, it is resistant to water but not impermeable. To make it waterproof, we can offer a solution.

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Spray cork waterproof

Spray Cork Waterproof

Many façades become heavily deteriorated over time. Paint flakes due to moisture because the excess of moisture can’t be dispersed of by ventilation. Until now, regular painting was the only solution to renovate the aesthetic aspect of a façade, however this is without improving the thermal insulation of the building to solve the moisture problem. Prevention is better than cure. Buildings that are covered with spray cork have a particular appearance and colour. On top of that, spray cork corrects all thermal shortcomings, such as thermal bridges that cause internal condensation, the stepping-stone to the forming of mould/fungi, saltpetre, etcetera… As a result, the inside of the building becomes a more stable, healthier environment for its inhabitants.

Due to the lack of or bad insulation, many buildings are unnecessarily overheated. Renovation with spray cork is the ideal solution to achieve the perfect internal temperature in your building, while minimizing heating costs. Depending on your geographical location, a difference between 5°C up to 8°C can be achieved between the inner and outer temperature. Spray cork will never develop a negative temperature (even if it freezes outside) and it will never achieve a temperature above 30°C

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